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Founded by Clara Altimas and Anna Hopkins, Same Page is a film collective with a desire to write, laugh and create content it believes in. Same Page is based in Los Angeles and Toronto, and is currently developing a variety of screenplays and projects, in collaboration with a network of talented directors, producers cinematographers, and actors.


Latest Projects



(short film - in development)

Written By Anna Hopkins

Directed By Anna Hopkins & Clara Altimas

Producer: Mark Waters

When a woman who knows nothing about art history finds herself arrested for accidentally defacing the most influential art work of the twentieth century, she must think quickly and use the very ideas she ends up learning about modern art to her advantage, in order to get herself out of a precarious situation.

*One of 10 scripts shortlisted within the US and UK for the Kevin Spacey Foundation Artist Choice Award



(feature - in development)

Written by Clara Altimas

Two estranged sisters are unwillingly brought together to co direct their hometown’s annual Christmas play in order to honour their mother’s dying wish.



Written by Clara Altimas

Benson is a feature length dark comedy following Benson Wright an overeating, improv teacher and single dad through the struggles and ever so rare triumphs of life in the aftermath of his wife’s death.

Director: Clara Altimas
Producers: Mark Waters & Ferelith Young
Cinematographer: Peter Hadfield
Featuring: Kristian Bruun, Ferelith Young, Andrea Grant, Anthony Ulk

Music: Lisa Savard-Quong



Featuring: Jack Greystone
Director: Natalie Rae Robison
Writers: Anna Hopkins, Clara Altimas
Cinematographer: Kiel Milligan

Special Thanks: Kevin.Murphy



A satirical short film presenting trendy initiatives promoting girl power and bandwagon politics in a talk show setting – In development to be turned into a web series. 

* Runner up for the Funny Eye Award at the Woodstock Comedy Festical (2015)
* Girl Couch won ACTRA Toronto’s TAWC screenplay competition and was chosen to be produced through the program (2014) 

Writers: Anna Hopkins and Clara Altimas
Director (short): Clara Altimas

Director (teaser) : Clara Altimas & Anna Hopkins
Producers: Emma Fleury and Katie Nolan
Cinematographer: Patrick Hodgson (teaser) and Melyssa Anishnabie (short)
Editor: Patrick Hodgson


Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby

Written by Clara Altimas

Jeremy and his boyfriend Cruz want to have a baby. Their friend Margot, who may or may not be in love with Jeremy, is going to be their surrogate. What could possibly go wrong?

*Austin Film Festival 2016, Official Selection
*Chosen to take part in Queer Ideas Incubator Series (2015)

Director: Dan Beirne
Producers: Mark Waters, Chris Hayes, Clara Altimas,   Ian Macmillan
Cinematographer: Ian Macmillan
Featuring: Chris Hayes, Clara Altimas

Music: Lisa Savard-Quong






Written/Directed by Clara Altimas

Sup Meg joins four adult women and former childhood pals as they visit an old stomping ground after Meg, the fifth member of their long forgotten friend gang, commits suicide. In doing their awkward best to honour Meg’s memory, they're all reminded of the strong connection they once had.



Written by Clara Altimas and Anna Hopkins

A half hour dra-medy following the escapades of a former dance star who’s been forced to return to the small town where she both rose to fame and fell to shame.  



(short - comedy/sci-fi)

Written by Anna Hopkins

A grounded nine year old girl is forced to organize basement junk as punishment, and comes across an old 1980's video game console, transporting her back in time to chat with a young musician who is also struggling with limitations of his situation, neither of them realizing they are communicating through a parallel universe.

*Top 10 at Cinequest Film Festival screenwriting competition 2017

*Received a 2017 BravoFACT production grant



Written by Anna Hopkins

When Arthur makes an attempt on his own life, his wife and daughter are forced to reunite in the Californian desert, far from their respective homes in Canada.  *Honourable mention at the Canadian Film Festival screenplay competition (2015) 


From co-writing, to producing, to translation (French to English), we are always looking to help bring great ideas to life. Here are some of the people we are currently collaborating with:

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